INVESTOR Strategies

We are here to help our investors achieve their goals. We do this through two investment strategies

Buy and Hold:
This portion of our portfolio focuses on long-term assets that generate consistent, strong cash flow for our investors.

Buy and Hold serves as the foundation for A&B Realty's investment strategy. By purchasing properties that generate strong, long-term cash flow, the company can allow its investors to receive passive income in perpetuity.

Properties considered Buy and Hold investments will meet a strict set of minimum financial and cash flow criteria and will be located in areas where long-term growth is expected to thrive. (ex. population, jobs, income, and other key economic factors)

Fix and Flip:
When available, A&B Realty will enter into wholesale deals for its investors to Fix and Flip which will generate short-term capital gains. The key to Fix and Flip investments will be purchasing mismanaged properties below current market rates. The goal will be to add short-term value and resell for large capital gains. These types of transactions will provide the working capital needed to acquire additional longer-term “Buy and Hold” investments.